Call for papers: Models and Theories of International News Flows, EUSN 2014

1st European Conference on Social Networks, Barcelona, July 1-4, 2014

Models and Theories of International News Flows

Session proposed by Laurent Beaugitte (GIS-CIST, France) & Marta Severo (Université Lille 3 Geriicho, France)

The aim of this session is to study international news flows, as news are presumed to provide mental images of foreign countries and of the connections between them. We are particularly interested in empirical studies based on a theoretical approach regarding newsworthiness (why and when a fact occurring abroad becomes international news?). Several scholars have already worked on this subject, yet this session is meant to focus on the social networks approach as a relevant tool and a relevant framework to deepen our understanding of news flows.
Importants dates:

April 1: Deadline for abstracts for paper presentations and posters (
May 1: Final date for communication of decisions
July 1-4: Conference

Conference website:

2 réflexions sur « Call for papers: Models and Theories of International News Flows, EUSN 2014 »

  1. Laurent Beauguitte Auteur de l’article

    Nouvelle deadline pour proposer vos résumés (2000 car. max., espaces compris) : 4 avril 2014

  2. Laurent Beauguitte Auteur de l’article

    Cette session spéciale n’aura pas lieu, nous n’avons pas reçu suffisamment de propositions. This special session won’t occur, we didn’t receive enough propositions. But we’ll be in Barcelona to present our current work.


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